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  1. The 10 years of MCU journey is coming to an epilogue, with a finale blaster of the ‘Endgame’, a suitable title for an ending.
  2. There has been so many rumors about some of the main characters dying or the lead actors contracts being over, pointing to one thing, ‘Endgame’ is going have more bloody hands than snapping fingers.
  3. New faces and characters have emerged with potential story lines and skills to lead the MCU in future. However, most of them have dropped dead after the ‘Infinity War’ but hey, isn’t that why the ‘Endgame’ is coming. Also with the new ‘Spider man- far from home’ trailer out now, it is pretty much anticipated that there is going to be scenes of resurrections.

‘Avengers:Endgame’ is an end to the 10 years journey of Marvel. But with everything a new journey with some new faces is also heating up. So, Avengers 5 is not a far-fetched concept, it can happen, but only after Marvel has sorted out the entire timeline.

How excited are you for Avengers: Endgame?
Words cannot express the overwhelming anticipation I feel. After Infinity War, I felt blown away and I needed closure. I want to know so badly what happens next. Where was Hawkeye? How did Ant-Man get out if the Quantum Realm? How will Captain Marvel fit in all this and will it do proper justice or only social justice? I also want to know if any of my theories are correct.
After watching IW for a third time, I had ideas pop into my head: what if Pepper went and rescued Tony? What if Dr. Strange pulled a fast one with the stone and sent it into the future for the Avengers to use against Thanos (or their next biggest threat) before handing it over? What if Ultron is resurrected? What if Ross is a Skrull? And so many more questions and theories rattle in my brain until I find out the answers by watching this film. It is agonizing having to wait. It's even more so that I have to see Captain Marvel in order to ensure I won't be confused about anything in Endgame.
What do you think of the movie Avengers: Endgame?
Can’t really say because I haven’t seen it and it hasn’t even come out yet but I would expect for it to be better than infinity war or at least at its level, nothing less than that and even though previously the Russos made me feel disappointed of winter soldier’s sequel, I’m hopeful that it won’t happen again with this one. That’s my stance about endgame. So fingers crossed pals.
Do you think Thanos will appear as the main antagonist in Avengers: Endgame?
I should hope so, given that he’s wiped out half of all life and his story has only just begun. Bringing in a new baddie would leave the story building Thanos up as a waste of time otherwise. Thanos is the biggest of the bad, and he should stay that way.
Who could possibly die with the end of Avengers: Endgame?
Friendship, tony haven’t met cap or any of the original team with the exception of bruce banner since the events of civil war, the league of the marvel cinematic universe as we know will change for ever.
it’s safe to assume and I can see it happen as well that the only members will be kept alive and survive the events of endgame form the original five are the hulk and thor.
As much I would love to see the black widow and banner move on and stop their heroic actions, I can’t see a happy ending for them.
Both tony and cap will properly die, captain america at the middle near the end and tony at last moments but maybe tony can do cameos as hologram stored like garvis to support peter parker in the future as he was his mentor/father.
both falcon and winter solider will be resuscitated and I can see falcon more of a captain america than bucky since t’challa called him white wolf so I think marvel have other plans for him.
Vision’s base memory is kept safe assuming shrui did that, perhaps they can create another version of him without the stone to his forehead and still have life with scarlet witch.
Client barton will square of with thanos and I think It’s was good think to remove him form infinity war so he can a good screen time in endgame.
peter parker will work under the supervision of nick fury and maria hill and I believe this will be the beginning of s.w.o.r.d in the MCU.
scott lang will retire from the super hero job and settle for saving cassy lang and his family and friends but god I hope that doesn’t happen cause I can’t get enough from Luis.
T’chall will continue his role as black panther and the protector of wakanda will face new challenges for certain.
Doctor strange will continue his rule as the sorceress supreme and team up with captain marvel to replace some of the listed avengers roster hoping for the best.
Will Steve Rogers will be the central character in Avengers: Endgame?
Maybe not the central character, but the Russos have said that he will have a much larger arc in Endgame than he did in Infinity War. Then again all the survivors are really central characters. The good thing about killing half your characters is that you have more screen time to share with the rest of them.
Could Ms. Potts die in Avengers: Endgame?
It is possible but unlikely that Pepper Potts will die in Avengers: Endgame, since Gwyneth Paltrow also said she’d be happy to appear as Ms. Potts in future Marvel films in cameo role.
There have also been persistent reports that the film will end with a scene involving all the Marvel superheroes, with many people theorizing that the scene will be Tony and Pepper’s wedding, which was alluded to in Avengers: Infinity War.
My guess is that Tony Stark will complete his story arc by settling down and marrying Pepper, while Steve Rogers will complete his by sacrificing his life and finally having that dance with Peggy in the Soul Stone.

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