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Avengers have stacked up a bunch of storylines and eventualities in one movie which would probably a 2 hour showdown. Speaking simply in terms of stable scriptwriting, it would be quite a task to link out multiple characters. The idea is that it would round off most of their character arcs. What would be interesting to see is how they line out a purpose for each one of them.
Over the course of the franchise, they have built clear and relatable desires for each character and charted a straight (sometimes conflicting) journey for them. There are soldiers and there are generals. There are martyrs and there are heroes. There are villains an there are motivations. There are protagonists, and there are avengers.
For me, the most interesting part, is what next? How will they prevail? If and when they do, what next? How would these characters stack up after this? I am looking forward to jumps and shifts in the Marvel universe in terms of character depth. Something they did very well in Civil War.
Still I find that the key to all this would be Hulk. The only unabashed and true character who has just recently come into its own. Tony Stark’s game plans would be stretched, Steve Roger’s bravery would be tested, Thor’s might would be challenged, and so on. But the singular focus of Hulk’s rage would unsettle the frame. Hulk is the most human of the superheroes.

Which Avenger has the maximum possibility of dying in Infinity War Movie?
Thanos is coming to the Earth so there are pretty good chances of a lot of heroes to die and in second trailer we saw some horrible scenes which may lead to the death of some characters.
the contract of Chris Evans is left only for two movies and they are two avengers movies so there are a very high chance of losing Cap. Then there are hints of Captain Marvel to appear in infinity war so marvel will get some other to lead there new team. In comics when Thanos came to Earth, he broke the shield of Cap and killed him, so it is possible that in movie also he will be killed.
Will Daisy Johnson or anyone from Agents Of Shield be in Avengers Infinity War?
No. The only character who would have any chance of returning is Coulson. Absolutely no one else from the show will ever be in the films, because that would require filmgoers (who are a much larger audience than the viewers of the show) to watch the show in order to understand who these characters are.
How many heroes will there be in Avengers: Infinity War?
we will get to see every hero who has made an appearance in the previous 18 MCU movies to be part of this ultimate showdown with the greatest threat the universe has been privy to. (Well, except for Quicksilver; poor sod!). So how many is “every”. Apparently, more than 2 dozen.

Main heroes (17): Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Widow, Hawkeye, Vision, Wanda, Spider-man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Ant-man Secondary heroes : anti-heroes etc (10): Loki, Bucky, Falcon, War Machine, Nebula, Mantis, Shuri, Okoye, M’baku, Wong
What are the chances of Avengers: Infinity War becoming the highest grossing movie ever?
The chances of Avengers: Infinity War becoming the highest grossing movie ever are slim. The original Avengers movie was only the fifth highest grossing movie ever, and each of the two Avenger movies that followed (counting Civil War as being technically an Avenger movie) earned less than the previous one.
While Marvel fans are very excited about the upcoming Avengers movie as being a sort of culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the average moviegoer may not see it that way, since Avengers 4 is coming out next year along with 20 other MCU movies in development.
What will Captain Marvel do in Avengers Endgame?
I’m actually starting to worry about her role. There was apparently hesitation by the Russos to even include her in Endgame. They won the battle to keep her out of Infinity War. They lost to Feige in her role in Endgame but even that, apparently, was cut down in favor of keeping focus on the core, original Avengers. I don’t think the Russos kept her out due to bias (except in favor of the original Avengers).
Will Tony Stark have a new suit in Avengers Endgame despite being stranded in space?
Of course. He’s stranded in space with a space ship having come off a planet littered with advanced tech. I vaguely remember a story where Tony Stark was stranded on a desert island and fashioned a new suit of armor out of tree bark and coconuts. I think one or more new suits of armor is a foregone conclusion.
In comics she is a powerful superheroine who can go the distance with the Hulk and Thor level beings. But she cannot beat them. In fact, in a recent comics before the Immortal Hulk issues Captain Marvel was seen pounding Hulk into the ground. The images show her pounding her fists in to Hulk harder and harder. The final image showed over Captain Marvel’s shoulder the Hulk in a reclined position smiling and saying - “Feel better?” The next images shows Captain Marvel smacked away into space. If you know anything about Thanos than there is on thing that he can take on Hulk, Thor, Hyperion, and similar level superheroes with ease. He does not want to but he can do so. So as stated at the first - No Captain is not more powerful than Thanos. If you are looking at the MCU version then until Avengers Endgame is released wait and see. Although I will definitely say no there as well.

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