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Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 watch online stream

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 watch online stream
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Some Unpopular Opinions about Game of Thrones Season 8
Qyburn: I am intrigued by this character. Lets look at his history: He got saved by Robb Stark & Talissa from the Lannister army in Harrenhal. yet he joined Cersei Lannister and became his hand. He earned her trust. He made a zombie out of a mountain and murdered Pycelle. Both of them were cruel and immoral. I never saw show Qyburn harming any neutral or positive character. Given that he can work on the dead, I believe he has a critical role to play in the series. And that he is anti Lannister and going to betray Cersei for the Starks when the time comes
Jaimie Lannister is overrated. I see him doing nothing great. Stabbing the mad king at the back? Anyone could have done that? I could not find a single instance in the show where he has proved himself to be a great fighter. The actor however did a great job though.
Dany is the most hypocritical character in the show. She is selfish, narcissist, greedy and cruel. She is only words and no action. She can sacrifice absolutely anything/anyone to satisfy her greed and ego. The worst character in name of feminism. Forget being a ruler, I doubt her credibility in being a human
Cersei Lannister is misunderstood. She is a product of her circumstances. The men she was promised to and loved only cheated on her (and that too for the same damn girl). While her relationship with Jaimie is in no way justifiable but I believe she went forward with him as he was the only person to love her. Even her father did not admire her loyalty to their house and was too busy insulting Tyrion for his height rather than bringing up his children properly after their mother’s death. He should have known that the daughter gets affected the most while growing up without a mother.
Tyrion Lannister is really a joke now. Since he joined Dany, he could do absolutely nothing. He became a Dany’s court jester, joking around and singing songs in Dany’s praise. Absolutely worthless. Let’s see what the show has in store for him
Jon Snow is no different from his half brother. He absolutely has no political sense. He is a good soldier (not a leader of any army, Grey Worm is better in this) and he has paramount courage.
Robb Stark and Catalyn Stark are two big fools who thought highly about their credibility and capability. I was not surprised by their deaths. They had no one but to blame themselves for their unfortunate demise. Walder Frey was wrong only because he did that to them in that cruel way and at the time when they were his guests. But if not then, they would have surely got defeated and then killed in the North civil war
Ned Stark had a score of solutions to tackle the situation regarding Baratheon bloodline. And he chose the worst way. It is like Dr. Strange foreseeing the outcomes and say 1 out of 14 million times Ned is going to mess up the way he did and Ned chose exactly that one. He should stop glorifying his stupidity in the name of honor.
Both Rhaegar & Lyanna were selfish and thought highly about themselves. Lyanna more so. He eloped with a married man (hence breaking his marriage while disapproving of Robert because of his womanizing behavior). She basically killed her father & elder brother. She could have communicated with them in secret or otherwise and tell them that she was not kidnapped and eloped with Rhaegar to fulfill whatever prophecy she & Rhaegar believed in.

Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 watch : The Spoils of War GOT SO7E04 Free stream
At Winterfell, Jon is being hailed as the King in the North, while Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell. Littlefinger is a sly man and there must have been some motive of his behind helping Sansa. He clearly knows about Jon’s true parentage and would even tell Jon about it. This can be expected since even in the trailer, Jon can be seen slamming Petyr Baelish to the wall near the statue of Lyanna Stark (in the crypt).


There are speculations that Jon would get to know about this related to Ice and Fire (Starks and the Targaryens). So, maybe he will get to know that he is not Ned Stark’s snow son, but Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s love child. Directed by Matt Shakman and set to release on August 6, 2017.

4th Episode of the Game of thrones season 07 is Directed by Matt Shackman and set to release on August 6, this episode would focus on Daenerys. Her army of the Unsullied will attack Casterly Rock. This scene has even been featured in the trailer and we can see Daenerys’s army marching into a hall with Lannister sigils on the walls. Alt Shift X suggests that the place is probably Casterly Rock.

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