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Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra: Bring Netflix Versions of Geralt and Yennefer to the Witcher 3

If you liked Anya Chalotra’s portrayal of Yennefer and really like Henry Cavill’s role as Geralt, download this Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra mod to add to your fun. This mod includes Henry Cavill, the Witcher, and an assortment of other characters from the show.


Download Nexus Mod Manager from their site. This application enables users to install and run all kinds of popular Witcher 3 mods such as Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra. In other words, it allows you to install and run any kind of mod from the official Witcher websites and add-ons for all sorts of games. If you really loved Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the Witcher and want to see even more of him in the future, then this modification replaces the dull-looking face of the White Wolf with the handsome actor Henry Cavill.


After you’ve downloaded the mod manager, you have to follow the instructions for installing a mod, and then after that, you will have to select a mod from the mod menu. Once you’ve selected a mod, you will be able to install that mod. There are two ways to install a mod: you can install the mod manually or you can use the mod manager.


Choose to install a mod using the manual installation method. When you have finished installing a mod, you have to follow the steps on the screen to uninstall it. Then you can uninstall another mod from your mod list by following the same steps on the screen. And when you’re done installing or uninstalling a mod, you will need to save your game.


Use the mod manager to install the other Witcher 3 mods. After the installation is complete, you should use the mod manager to install the rest of the mod. Then you can enjoy playing the game. When you want, you can choose to play a quest or fight monsters. The Witcher 3 mod manager will give you a map and a detailed overview of what you have to do next. Once you have finished the quests, the game will automatically save your progress and you can go back to the main menu.


Playing the Witcher 3 is fun, but it’s even more fun when you play the Witcher 3 with your favorite Netflix’s The Witcher show characters. If you want to experience more of these interesting characters, how2pc has published a list of all the mods you can use to make the game more like the show or you can read the books and watch the videos about them on the official websites.

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