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What did you think of episode 1 of season 5 of the Flash?

It was fun watching the premiere. The episode were filled with so much information . As they were celebrating there were welcomed by the future guest who turned out to be the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris also known as XS.
Flash Missing:Vanishes in Crisis Since season 1, the mystery remained the mystery. They showed you the glimpse of flash still missing after 25 years. That’s all this episode’s got to shed light on this.
Flash Museum From Season 1, when Barry first ran back to save his mother, three scenes were scenes.Flash in jail,Killer Frost and the Flash Museum. That’s what Nora is talking about.
Reverse Flash theory debunked
Some even claimed that Nora was pretending to be Thawne. Yet Nora just happen to be like his father. Iris when asked whether she’d be writer yet she was onto her father’s job. She’s gonna mess up the timeline and that’s for sure as her father did.
Negative tachyon,eh? Nope no idea. What’s that all about?
The way Elongated man explained “many universe”. There must be a universe where I was hit by the particle accelerator and died. Oops!Thawne mentioned that he died. Flash created the Flash Point and saved Iris from dying. Maybe he being alive is one of the effect.
The Flash Ring? or what’s the name of the ring? Thawne used that once.
Cecile’s power is back. Caitlin has her past that need resolving. Poor Cisco. Nora has 5.6 GPA. 5.6 out of ? . That must make sense. She’s kind of nerd. Holy Shit! They phased the plane. The Harrison Wells speech from Season 1. Am I the only who thinks that they’re referencing Season 1 a lot here? Oh I almost forgot the closing line.
My name is Nora West Allen and I’m the fastest women alive. When I was a child my father disappeared in something impossible then I grew up I became the impossible. I’m trying to live up to the legacy of my father so that I could stop him from ever disappearing. I am XS.
Trust me your father used to say the same. Like the Father like the Daughter. And Welcome Cisada. And Wait what was her big mistake again? Blowing up the satellite. Seriously?

The Flash Season 5 Predictions : Who should be the villain in The Flash season 5?

I have a theory based on what Abra Kadraba tells us in Season 3 about how he and Barry have been enemies for years, and about his other enemies Thawne, Zoom, and DeVoe.
What gets me about that is how does he know about Thawne because in the current timeline he doesn't exist. So the theory is what if Kadabra isn't talking about past to present, but instead future to present. DeVoe (4), Zoom (5), Thawne (6).
Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (Earth-1): The Chronokinetic version of Zoom. I know his origin wouldn't be the same because the Cosmic Treadmill isn't in the series, but DeVoe's endgame plan that involves dark matter could set things in motion. However instead of making him separated from the Timeline, his Chronokinetic abilities allow him to move through alternate timestreams i.e. Timestream Shifter. His powers would be more or less the same as they are in the comics except this way they'd be able to stop him because he's still part of the Timeline.
Eddie Thawne/Cobalt Blue: It's finally revealed that Eddie is Barry's brother. Despite him committing suicide the necklace he was wearing is no doubt the Blue Flame Talisman which I do know has healing properties. So he's been alive all this time somewhere in the Multiverse which would mean he wasn't affected by Flashpoint and he'd return with his Pre-Flashpoint memories. However I can't think of a motive for why he'd go against Team Flash.

How come The Flash was made into a TV show rather than a movie?

The short answer is that after the fiasco that was the ’90s Flash show, while terrible, made money. They used Arrow to test the waters for whether this would be a successful show, and the reactions were damn good. They then created a Flash TV show in the same universe, and then used that as a jumping-off point for more shows. The reason they decided to do a TV show is that it was a proven technique through Arrow, and there is so much source material for the Flash that a movie would have had to skip many important things.
The reason they didn’t lead with a movie is that at the point the show came out, a movie may not have been well-received, as well as the DC film universe was in the midst of another reboot, after Dark Knight Rises.
However, there is a Flash movie slated for a 2020 release. So look forward to that.

When will Iris West from 'The Flash' finally die?

Oh come on now Iris is a GREAT character. She’s the reason The Flash is such a GREAT show. She’s pretty much the most ENTERTAINING character on TV right now. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
While it’s obvious that MOST fans who are still watching the show would LOVE to see that extremely whiney annoying brat Iris take the big dirt nap after completely ruining the show seasons 3 & 4 (thanks to her season 4 SUCKED so much I couldn’t even watch the whole thing through) it’s obvious she’s not going to die anytime soon or not ever. (GROAN)
While I wish the writers could at least make her far more of a likeable character who’s not having 90 percent of the attention considering this is suppose to be The Flash (Barry Allen) not Iris & Friends instead they pretty much made the show out to be all about her EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN EPISODE to where she’s suddenly smarter than everyone and is leader of Team Flash which makes absolutely no logical sense considering she started off being an absent minded journalist who had to be the damsel in distress just about every episode.
In fact thanks to that long drawn out Saving Iris storyline the show went from being awesome and entertaining seasons 1 & 2 to being downright boring and crappy season 3 to where most fans were actually wanting Savitar to kill her. Unfortunately he failed and instead killed off H.R. who unlike Iris was a very likeable character.
And so just like that Iris lived to make the show even more boring and crappier season 4 to where it pretty much became Iris & Friends. I mean where the Heck is Barry Allen in the show now? Pretty much taking a backseat to that whiney annoying wife of his now that she’s leader of Team Flash and thanks to her season 4 will forever be remembered for the most hated one liner ever to be mentioned on the show which most fans gnashed their teeth at.
<“You’re not The Flash Barry. We are The Flash.” Yep thanks to her I can’t even bring myself to being excited for season 5 because I’m far more worried the writers are just gonna keep on making the show out to be Iris & Friends instead of The Flash. Sure hope I’m majorly wrong and that the show will go back to being awesome and entertaining again and will actually go back to being focused on BARRY ALLEN 90 percent of the time.
But as for Iris West ever getting killed off for real and staying gone I wouldn’t hold my breath as much as I would LOVE to see that happen. But hopefully they’ll at least make her out to be FAR less annoying this season but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that either because let’s face it with every great TV show or movie there’s always that one character you really can’t stand or hate. Ain’t that right Wesley Crusher, Jar Jar Binks and Felicity Smoak?

Why didn’t Reverse Flash kill Nora before she ever had Barry?

The Reverse Flash(Eobard Thawne) didn’t plan to kill Nora Allen. He planned to kill Barry. However, Future Barry saved 11-year-old Barry Allen, and Thawne decided that he needed to ruin Barry’s life any way he could. So he killed Barry’s mother and made it look like Barry’s father did it. The issue here is that this changes the timeline, and makes Thawne lose his Speedforce connection.
It would not be like another Flashpoint. It couldn’t happen. Thawne never premeditated the murder of Nora Allen. He premeditated the murder of Barry Allen but was foiled. He decided to use his time here to ruin the Flash’s life any way he could, so he killed his mother. He had no intention of killing Nora. In theory, if he actually had succeeded in killing Barry Allen, he would have ceased to exist, as the reason he hates the Flash is he wanted to be the Flash. The issue here is one of paradox. Barry succeeds in foiling the paradox but loses his mother.

What do you think about The Flash season 5 premiere?

absolutely loved the season 5 premiere. This episode had the season 1 and 2 vibes which are my favorite seasons yet. The addition of nora in the flash family was a great step, and the actress Jessica Parker Kennedy played the role perfectly. I myself thought of nora as a means to express the audiences reaction to the show, the way she was excited to give barry the OG suit and was constantly fangirling on flash and his adventours was a delight to watch. They also set up many awesome things for the future including a fight between king shark and gorilla grodd. All the other cast members were amazing as always. Cisco being cisco was the probably one of the best things in this episode. really excited for the next episode and all the episodes after that.

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